Friday, October 9, 2020

Simulator v1.12


Yes, it has been quite a while. Here is the new version v1.12 after some encouragement and bit of complaining from some users. The user list has now grown to around 38k users with possibly some dud emails amongst the gathering mob. Arduino and Raspberry Pi still remain the two dominant forces with Arduino covering simple but powerful embedded devices and RPi covering high end apps with displays. Have fun and may the covid bug not bite you.

Simulator for Arduino Version 1.12 is now released



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Some tech updates:

1.      Version 1.12 now opens GettingStarted.ino after install

2.     Arduino has released the Arduino Pro – with USB-C display

3.    Explore the Wifi/BLE ESP32 devkits (programmable using Arduino IDE)

4.    The Simulator for Arduino now supports Unions (99%)

5.     Mystery link