Friday, October 19, 2012


Virtronics is a new startup setup to take over from Shields for Arduino. Some may have noticed that Shields for Arduino is using the website and this may be confusing for some between the real arduino website which is

Anyway back to Virtronics. This is an abbreviation of  V=IR + electronics with V=IR being one of the main formulas behind the design of most electronic circuits, and is called Ohm's law. Virtronics is a small business not quite setup which consists of three people and maybe more later on. We plan to merge all the activities of  Shields for Arduino into Virtronics and then remove the Arduino word from all titles and email addresses.

The plan for the business is to find and explore opportunities involving electronic design and to become the best inside each opportunity. The four main areas at present are the Simulator for Arduino and Shields, redesign medical gas panels, ECG simulators/test equipment and a cheap portable CO2 analyser for veterinary use. The plan was to do all these in 2012 but in reality these won't happen until 2013 now. At Virtronics, we currently have an average of 20 years experience per person so we bring a very high level of expertise to any project.