Thursday, March 31, 2016

Simulator for Arduino version 1.02

Here are the details of the changes to Simulator for Arduino Version 1.02 Mar 2016 1. Allow setup in file other than tab1 2. Allow loop in file other than tab1 3. allow for arduino format files in directory - open all files in directory 4. make App Analytics an option 5. fixup memory leaks 6. fixup variable insight 7. fixup spurious fn return values - clear on reset 8. Fixup analog write pins to align with analog read pins 9. fixup due analog pins 10. fixup barcode memory leak 11. Add recent 12. digitalRead now sets pin mode 13. Improve Class Explorer 14. Allow SD\CardInfo.ino to load with Uno with first 3 Options on 15. Show (ErrEn) in Status bar when Errors Enabled 16. Speed up Syntax Colouring change Sent to 21401 Simulator users With App Analytics, we noticed there were a higher amount of crashes than desired - around 250 from 5000 starts every 30 days. Looking under the hood release some very basic overflow errors, which have now been fixed. The pascal compiler has a overflow array check which was turned off. We are now turning this on for most of the time. With improvements, we have noticed the feedback from users has quietened down. While this could be attributed to the program running better with less issues, this is a concern since user input is what drives this program and less user input means less innovation. So keep the comments coming. We are always looking at ways to improve and are keen to have more people on the team. Email us if this sounds interesting - we can't promise to pay millions unless of course you help generate this sort of income.