Friday, January 1, 2016

Simulator for Arduino v1.01

Below is the info relating to the latest release of the Simulator. There were a few issues relating to a 3rd party component which caused some error messages to pop up. This is now fixed (a few hours after release), and if the buggy version was downloaded, please download the new version which is saved in the same place.

On item we noticed right away, is there are very few Unsubscribe messages now, many, many positive feedback messages,  and the number of subscription renewals has gone through the roof. The Free version was just released today, and this now has the App Analytics included (the 3rd party component) which will allow the coders to target the most used areas of the Simulator.
Have a great 2016, and don't forget to upgrade to the latest Pro version.

What's new
Version 1.01 Dec 2015
   1. Fixup up if else issue
  2. Stop variables from flickering
  3. Add alignment to pin names
  4. Fixup the D13 light onthe Nano
  5. Update Nano to have pin name alignment
  6. Update Uno to have pin name alignment
  7. Improve the Insert Tab option
  8. Save file after insert tab
  9. Fixup the match bracket feature
  10. Update Sketch when changed externally
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