Monday, March 11, 2013

Website Move arduino => virtronics

Some may have noticed the note on the website that the content is moving to Well, there is a reason why this is happening and it is all good. At the last meeting, we decided that Shields for Arduino was not a great choice of name and we needed one that represented what we do without being too specific. Virtronics was the winner and this name is derived from Ohm's law of V=IR with the tronics short for Electronics. The whole website is being moved across with a deadline of 31 March.

The Simulator is going very well, and while we do have the odd issue with unlock codes, this usually turns out to be an over-zealous anti-virus program. The Simulator seems to be mostly bug-free at present with only a very few error reports unlike last month where the break command was accidentally broken and kept giving error reports.

There are many areas where the Simulator could be improved and we will keep chipping away. Enums, typedefs and classes all need attention. Also, we are thinking about moving to a new compiler which could mean a major rewrite - time is very short so this option has been put off for a while. If we do, this will be Simulator 2 and it will then be available for MAC OS, iOS and Android (but not Linux). It really is strange that there is no-one else doing a good Arduino Simulator - Searduino had some press recently but couldn't any programs to run. The iPhone Simulators are a bad joke especially the customised iPad one which could not even run int i=10;

Lastly, just a quick shout out to Adrian who has been a great help on the forum and a source of some great ideas. Still many more ideas to run through in the next few weeks. The previous blog Arduino Shields will be shown below for a while but will not be updated from now on.