Sunday, June 26, 2016

Version 1.03

Here are the changes to the Simulator: Version 1.03 - June 2016 - fixup Windows 10 styles - add in 8 more styles Vapor,Radiant,Jet,Emerald, Diamond, CopperDark, Copper, Coral - fixup confusion between colon for labels and ?: - fixup variables font - save Edit font on Edit cloase and open - fixup conversion from float to int - print negative floats - add in Check for Updates - auto update silent check on startup - reset free timer The main change was to add the updater tool which required two expensive purchases from a third party contractor. Now the Simulator will use the updater tool to check a text file which has the latest version on the first line. If there is a new version, the Updater tool will prompt to download the updated file from the link on the second line. The third line usually has a few comments about the major changes. Other fixes are to add in a few more styles and fix the Windows 10 style. The Win10 style problem was related to an extra or missing space in the name Windows 10. A few issues were also found with the Edit Window not saving the font size correctly and the Variables area row height not getting set. Between version 1.02 and 1.03, there were 4 sub releases from 1.02A to 1.02D for various reasons, mainly for fixups for users. Lately, the Simulator has seen a dramatic slow down - not sure why since according to App Analytics, the Simulator is now more stable than ever, runs faster and has very few issues. There are the odd file could not be created issues and but these may be windows related. Also, the user feedback has dropped off - maybe users are becoming shyer or more used to working with software which is not 100%. We encourage all users to speak up and let us know of all problems and even better any enhancements.