Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Simulator Version 1.05

Version 1.05

And so another year starts, and this one should prove to be very eventful with ego-driven leaders champing at the bit to cause problems. Regardless, the Maker revolution continues to thrive and with more knowledge should come less problems. 

Here are the latest changes:

Version 1.05 Jan 2017
   - improve blue s/r box - make green
   - fixup return bug
   - improve callstack
   - add TFT
   - add SerialPassThrough to test
   - add Wifi UDP
   - add TFT - check 6 sketches
   - Ethernet advanced Chat Server
   -  Add Adafruit playground - in progress
   - fixup some issues in typedef and struct
   - increase max loops to 300, args to 40

With Arduino, the two teams have now kissed and made up and the splintered software or 1.61.13 and 1.7.10 have now both been superseded by the new release on christmas eve of 1.8.0. Also, some boards have now returned from being retired such as the Leonardo USB board.

Happy New Year to one and all and may all your Arduino projects lead to your bank accounts (ie as deposits not withdrawals).


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